Introduction to Darkness

A man once sought to become something more than himself. To be a Storyteller, he thought, would be the greatest thing in the world. But how to enact this change in himself? Where would he turn for advice and instruction, to improve his skills and hopefully perfect his craft? He turned to the internet, scouring the pages laid out before him. Oh, there was plenty of information to be found, yes; but it was all of a wrong sort. Upon these pages, there were words to explain the exploration of Dungeons and the battling of Dragons, the manipulation of great and epic heroes in an adventure. This was fine and good, but it did nothing to appease his thirst for knowledge. Where was the information that might teach this inexperienced Storyteller to weave tales of the monsters themselves? The vampires and their endless machinations; the werewolves and their never-ending fight against evil; the magi and their quest for knowledge at any price? While he could find records of previous conversations had in forgotten forums, there was nothing else there; and so, there would have to be.

I built this page to be a resource for players, storytellers, fans, and anyone else interested in the World of Darkness. If you've ever found yourself reading articles on other popular "fantasy" roleplaying games and struggled to make it fit within your Vampire the Masquerade Chronicle, this website is for you. If you've ever wondered whether or not you should bother with a certain supplement to Werewolf the Apocalypse (even if it's just fan-made stuff from the Storyteller's Vault), this is your salvation. If you've ever struggled to explain how Mages use Spheres, not just schools of magic with lists of static spells, you're discovery of this website is perfect. In time, I will include content from all of the game lines that the World of Darkness encompasses. There was nothing like this on the internet, so there will have to be. Welcome to the Words of Darkness.