Bloodlines is Back!

Our wishes have come true! Paradox Interactive has finally confirmed work on a sequel to the 2004 PC game, Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines! Details are scarce right now, but it looks like players will take on the role of a Thin-Blood in the streets of Seattle. The original game took place in Los Angeles, and did a masterful job of tying in bits and pieces of the existing tabletop metaplot, recalling the mood and atmosphere of the World of Darkness, and using excellent mechanics. In order to help recapture some of that success, the new game developers have hired the lead writer from the original game, Brian Mitsoda, as well as game developer and writer Cara Ellison. Together, they hope to bring the game into the present.

The fact that our main character is a Thin-Blood helps to establish this game firmly in the timeline of Vampire 5th Edition, and promises to bring back some familiar faces. As we know from the V5 core book, the Voerman sisters have been brought into the tabletop setting, so it's likely that we'll see them pop up in Seattle. There's also the possibility of Smiling Jack, the Brujah Anarch, as well as a certain cab driver that shall remain unnamed.

This game is expected to release in the first Quarter of 2020, so we don't have all that long of a wait for it to come out. I may catch some hate for this, but I’m particularly excited that the game is being developed for PC, XBox One, and PS4. I feel like this will help it reach a much wider audience. What do you hope to see (or NOT see) in this sequel? and what ever happened to that Werewolf video game we were supposed to get?