The Blackened Hairpin: A Mystical Item for your Chronicle

Type: Mystical item

Most Suitable For: Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, Wraith, Changeling

This hair accessory is made out of cherry wood, but has been noticeably blackened by a fire from some time ago. It has two prongs, and is shaped in the form of a U, but has no other markings to identify it as anything other than a normal hairpin. There are myriad stories of it's origin; some say that it was worn by the head of a coven of witches, who used it to keep herself grounded in reality, for she feared the night that demons would appear out of the darkness and carry her off to her much deserved doom; others say that the hairpin was crafted by a shaman to give to his daughter, for she was gifted with the ability to walk through the dream world, and he did not want her using such a power until she could be properly trained; still others say that the wondrous item was crafted by a Werewolf king, who gifted it to a rival that had planned on challenging him for supremacy.

Whatever it's origins, the hairpin can be a dangerous item, a tool of protection, or both. When worn on a person (or stabbed into them...), the item is believed to "pin them to reality," preventing them from supernaturally enhanced movements and crossing into other places. Should a werewolf with this hairpin attempt to cross into the spirit world, they would find themselves trapped in the material realm; were a vampire to attempt to enhance their speed with the force of their blood, they would find themselves slowed to a normal level; if a mortal sorcerer attempted to cast their consciousness into the astral plane, they would realize with grim certainty that they were locked in their own body.

The hairpin even has it's uses as a protective charm of sorts; should a wicked fae attempt to carry the bearer of this pin off into the Dreaming, they would find a mystical barrier that prevented such an abduction; if a demon were to come to claim an infernal worshipper's soul, they would find it chained to the body it inhabited then; were the bearer to die while wearing the hairpin, they would find themselves instantly bound to the earth as a ghost, the pin now existing as their fetter.

While this hairpin is magical in nature, it has gone unnoticed for centuries among various tribes of night folk. Should any organizations have knowledge of it's existence, they have been thus far unable to track it down. Were it to surface in any noticeable way, there are technocrats, templars, inquisitors, businessmen, and more that would go to great lengths to possess it.