The event would go down in a history remembered only by a select few. People in the underground

would talk about it for all remaining time. A rich eccentric would write about it in his annual

guidebook, a journal of all things strange. Oddly enough, most of the people in the mundane world

dismissed the whole thing as a hoax, or a scientifically explainable coincidence. For them, it became a

useless factoid of history, like the rain of frogs or the year without a Summer. They didn’t think to link

it with the rest of the fall. But the Great Shattering, as it would come to be called by occultists, changed


It was early summer, years after the Y2K bug failed to end the world and the Mayans got their prediction wrong. Scientific studies conducted on the subject determined the following facts: The event

occurred at 5:47 am, Western Time, 7:47 Central, 8:47 Eastern (a study conducted by American

scientists); All affected objects shattered at the same time, simultaneously, as opposed to sequentially;

None of the pieces of said objects actually left their frames, though mirrors without frames did fall

apart; And finally, approximately 80% of reflective surfaces (mirrors) throughout the world shattered.

A year later, a man from NASA would claim that the event was caused by a sonic boom traveling at

light speed, let off by a passing comet. Many people accepted this explanation, and moved on with their


Except that, in the months following the Great Shattering, certain people in the know observed

differences in the world. The mystics noticed them first, as the spirits they were so used to calling

ceased to answer their summons. Ghostly sightings became nonexistent, even at the time-honored

locations of the past. Shamans used to walking the spirit paths of their ancestors found themselves shut

out. In the mundane world, a sizable decrease was noted in attendance records at houses of worship

across the world. Holy men were often found saying “It’s like no one’s listening anymore.” Instances of

suicide rose sharply.

Only after compiling this information myself have I begun to realize what happened. I believe that

seeing it all in one place has afforded me with a perspective not yet matched. Let me be clear; it is my

belief that the Great Shattering, that singular event which destroyed all the mirrors across the world,

separated us from the spiritual lands. I believe it cut us off from God. To state out loud such a bold idea

is certainly troubling enough, in its implications. To make matters worse, I pose the following

additional query: What did this to us, and why?