Uncle Lonnie's False Teeth: A Mystical (Cursed) Item for your Chronicle

Type: Cursed Item

Most Suitable For: Werewolf, Vampire, Changeling

This disturbing family heirloom has been passed down for a few generations, a set of dentures so old that they appear to have petrified. No one is entirely sure what they are made of; they could be wood, stone, porcelain, or even metal. They are stained irreparably, brown or black, and there is a slight elongation to the canines (not as pronounced as a vampire's fangs, but noticeable). In fact, all the teeth have an ALMOST pointy look to them. To be honest, no one is even sure who Uncle Lonnie was or how he was related to the family in question. Even still, this heirloom is highly treasured by those who have possessed it. No person in their right mind would attempt to actually wear this set of false teeth, but merely possessing it is considered a great honor, especially among occultists (increasing Fame, Status, etc).

Unfortunately, this set of dentures carries a bizarre set of curses with them, causing their owner to be slowly warped and maddened over time. The first of these curses would be the increasingly brittle nature of the owner's teeth and nails/claws. This is not enough to cause breaking (except in the event of a botched roll, perhaps), but it will, over time, cause the bearer's teeth (and/or claws) to fall apart much more quickly than they would naturally. The second effect is even more insidious than the first, causing the owner to gradually begin seeing people wearing the false teeth. This doesn't happen often (at first, anyway), but it can be unsettling nonetheless. The idea of seeing your prized possession in the hands (mouth) of another person can cause a number of mixed emotions, ranging from admiration to paranoia, envy, resentment, etc. (Storyteller's note: this would best be handled as burning away their available Wilpower).

This leads to the final effect of this cursed item, and one that inevitably leads to tragedy or madness. At some point, after they have begun seeing everyone with the false teeth, the owner will try to "install" the dentures into someone they know (or, failing that, themselves). Unless the person in question already has an empty mouth, this will require removing the existing teeth first, a bloody, violent, and excruciatingly painful endeavor. This item has proven capable of affecting even elder Kindred and high ranking Garou warriors, many of whom have eventually been found standing over a victim, unconscious (mercifully) and with blood gushing out of their mouth. The false teeth would be placed in the mouth of the victim at this point, but every time this item has surfaced, people have managed to stop the afflicted before they could place the teeth into the mouth of their victim. Were that to occur, nobody knows what might happen next.

Uncle Lonnie's False Teeth are great for chronicles that could use a touch of the bizarre, and a good way to keep players grounded in the fact that they're not invincible or untouchable. They can be dropped into any chronicle as is, and represent something similar to a Monkey's Paw or the Hope diamond. It could be found randomly, sent to one of the Player Characters, given by a mentor or family member, etc. The only thing to remember is that it is important to make the beginning effects of this item subtle.