El Caballo: An NPC for your Chronicle

Type: Kindred

Clan: Lasombra

Generation: Mid to Low (10th to 8th)

Predator Type: Sandman

Most Suitable For: Vampire, Mage

Everyone thought that particular Camarilla city was indestructible. Its defenses were insurmountable, and its defenders were vigilant, strong, and cunning. Time and time again, the Sabbat had crashed against it like a river smashing into a dam, unable to break it down. The Cardinal in the area had heard of insurmountable cities being dismantled before, and called in a favor in an attempt to solve the problem. When El Caballo entered the city, it was a teeming population center with a strong economy, powerful crime prevention policies, and social welfare programs to help the most citizens possible. By the time he left, it was a dying town, attractive only to vagrants, criminals, and fiends. The kindred of the Camarilla had been wiped out almost to nothing, but at the cost of the stability of the city. El Caballo had killed not just the vampires there, but the town itself. Such is the cost, often times, of war.
This Non Player Character is relatively straightforward in design, but can be an excellent villain for longer chronicles. Built from the same threads as Keyser Soze, El Caballo is a vampire that is a genuine mystery. He moves in to Camarilla (and Anarch) controlled cities like a ghost, impersonating different faces, different clans, even different genders. He identifies the most powerful players in the city; not just the elders, but the vampires who are most influential. He feels out the sentiments (and hidden resentments) of the kindred on the ground level. He observes everything from all different angles, and then, like a butcher, he begins cutting away.
He turns the more notable coteries against each other, so that they begin fighting and destroying each other. When only one is left, he takes them out personally. He uses this same plot of action against all influential kindred within the city, turning them towards each other and making them think that they are serving different people, including themselves; as they fall like dominoes, he looks for the remaining elders to be exposed before he comes in for the kill. The humans are thrown off-kilter by the similar removal of those established politicians and leaders (on city council, police department, transportation services, etc.) that have been working towards their own goals to better their city; as they die or get turned to the will of El Caballo, their established plans fall to pieces, with nothing else being put forward to replace them. Over time, the city is weakened on both mortal and immortal planes, and as he continues to remove the replacements in leadership, the people begin to wonder if there might be better, more stable places to live. Such begins the decline of the city.