The King in Rags: An NPC for your chronicle

Type: Kindred

Clan: Ventrue

Generation: 13th

Predator Type: Osiris or Scene Queen (King)

The Ventrue clan has always stood with certain principles in mind, guidelines that help to keep the entire clan on a certain path; a path of regency, respect, influence, and (modern) royalty. To a Ventrue, anything less is a waste of time. The clan enjoys their position in the halls of power and recognizes several traits that put them there; noblesse oblige, dignity, respect.

The King in Rags eschews all that, largely forsaking the standards and regard of his clan in favor of working with the mortals of the homeless population. After all, a 13th Generation vampire is at the bottom of the totem pole among his kind, but he can be lordly if he lives among the humans. This cunning Ventrue may largely ignore Kindred politics, but he usually has his own court among the poor and destitute. He may even set up a "lordly manor" in some poor area of the city that may be safely ignored by the mortal authorities. None of this is to say that he uses the homeless as mere pawns. The King in Rags buys into the concept of nobless oblige, taking care of and leading his subjects because he knows that it's his responsibility. While they serve him, they do so willingly, recognizing him as king because he has earned their respect and trust. While Dominate and Presence are most useful for this vampire, he may also use Animalism to lure an easy meal for his subjects or to use as spies in the outlying areas of his domain, Obfuscate to go unseen by police and Sheriffs that may come sniffing around, and Auspex to keep a sharp eye for potential threats to the kingdom.

The other Ventrue of the city will often despise and attempt to shun the King in Rags. In some cases, this is jealousy, for he has obtained a kingdom that they wish they could have. In others, this is embarrassment, for they believe he stains the honor of the clan by grovelling among the filthy, unwashed beggars, paying no respect to the traditions of the clan. Regardless, the King in Rags pays them no mind. He has found his kingdom, and it shall never fall. He will ensure the safety and prosperity of his people forever.