The Unnamed: An NPC for your chronicle

Type: Kindred

Clan: Baali

Generation: Unknown

Predator Type: Osiris

The true evil of the Baali is not in their command of hellfire, but in their ability to lead others down their path. In order to accomplish this goal, they hide their names and origins, routinely masquerading as members of other clans. This individual that has been unnamed once counted themselves as dedicated servant of the demonic masters that they worship, seeking to learn more of their nature and eventually summon them into reality. They even practiced Dark Thaumaturgy to better commune with their masters. This was all for nothing, as they sought such forbidden knowledge from the Abyss itself (a misguided notion at best). After a complex plan was brought to fruition, they were granted (or cursed with) entry into the Abyss, where the things that live in the darkness chewed on their body and soul for years. They expected never to get out.

A shift in reality resulted in their expulsion from the Abyss, but by then, they had forgotten almost everything. Their memories were devoured, replaced with fragmented emotions and nothing to anchor them to. The Unnamed knew that they had wanted to destroy the Kindred living within the city, but they knew not what city nor which kindred. Their time in the Abyss granted them all of the knowledge of the Path of the Unspoken, but cursed them with this amnesia. What's more, they have been removed from the collective memory of the population. Should a person happen to meet the Unnamed, they will almost instantly forget their existence, remembering at best a hazy, indistinct outline of a person; out of sight is literally out of mind. This makes the Unnamed a dangerous antagonist for any player group, who will find it almost impossible to identify the spider at the center of the web. While the Unnamed makes for a wonderful antagonist, they are not recommended for beginning groups.