Come with me, Princess. I will not be bothered to ask you again. What's that? I haven't asked you? Perhaps that is the truth of the matter, but it matters very little in the grand scheme of things. If I demand much of you, it is simply because there is much to be done and a distinct lack of time. Now then. There is something to be said for delaying, but now is not an occasion on which you should do so.

The gold surrounding us is my own by right, and I will not abandon it. I would sooner melt it down than leave it for heroes to take. That which you leave is no longer your own. Finish loading it into the bags, and I will carry it on. It will feed you and pay for your pretty dresses and jewels. This is what makes you happy, no? This is what you want.

You know, it occurs to me only now that you are delaying because you expect a hero to rescue you. Oh yes, some shiny knight to ride in on his horse and sweep you off of your pretty little feet. And so, let me tell you something, my sweet young princess, something to which I have borne witness all too many times. When these knights and kings come calling, they always expect their just rewards; and they don't always ask before simply taking what it is they want. Oh, you fear my scales and the fire I hold inside of me, but the burning inside of those men is what you should rightly fear. Now then, gather your own things; we are leaving.