The Society Society of Eggs meeting will begin momentarily…

Attention. Attention, everyone. Order. Order! Thank you. I hereby call this session of the Society Society of Goose Eggs to business. Members present, please stand and state your names . . .

Thank you, thank you. Ok, our first order of business is to discuss the fundraising opportunities provided by Larry, via his company Coruscan Pharmaceuticals. Let’s make sure we get those experimental pharmaceuticals sold, so that we can raise money for our annual science convention. It’s gonna be a wild time.

Next order of business: The growing threat coming from the Order Crocodilia. These people are dangerous, rude, mean, and wish to do us harm. How do we propose to settle the issue? Yes, thank you, Garry. We could definitely bomb their lodge. All hands in favor of this plan? Excellent. Motion is passed. Barry? See if you can get the boys to whip up something with enough kick to level it. Remember, you’re dealing with about 50,000 square feet. Make it good.

Last order of business: The Society Society of Goose Eggs has been monitoring the skies (thanks to Jerry, who runs the Planetarium at the college), and we believe that the position of Orion in the early hours of the morning indicates that the stars are finally coming into alignment. Now, this is odd, as the event wasn’t expected to occur until 2028. However, the shifting of the stars indicates the time could be upon us as soon as late 4th quarter, 2012. Exciting news, fellows, so let’s get to work on preparing for the arrival.

If there are no announcements to make from any Eggs present, we’ll call this meeting to a close. Please remember, Harry was nice enough to provide the cookies and punch, which are at the table in the lobby. Have some on your way out, or stick around and chat. Thank you, goodnight.