Oh, tell me what has happened to my people. They were so proud in their heritage, so determined in their sacrifice. Where have you gone,mis ninos? Why did we struggle so long to keep the sun from dying, if this was what fate held in store? Why did we fight to make the blood flow, when this is what you’ve become?

And our cities lie in ruin, shadows of what I so humbly taught you to build. Where are the temples to me and my kind, that the bearded men could not burn to cinders? Now their descendants exploit us, pay copper instead of gold, use our women and children for their sins. Oh what has happened to our empire? A noble people, betrayed.

Our land, once so beautiful in its wilderness, is patrolled by monsters of human nature. A poison took root in our home, killing you slowly, taking away the hopes and dreams We promised you. A poison, making brother turn against brother and father sell away son. My people, you give more blood now than we could have dreamed of before. And the gods that receive their sacrifice are not kin to me; their names are Poison, Lust, and Greed.

Renew, my people, renew. Shed this husk, this lifeless shell, as I did every harvest. Leave behind these horrors of the present, and reclaim your rightful place. Let go of the burden forced upon you, and step forth to make the world tremble once more. Take note, my children, for the time is almost upon us. We will soon return, and you will need to be ready.