Taken from a local newspaper:

Scenes of confusion and terror yesterday at Lake Texoma, as a local church youth group stumbled upon what appears to be an old country house, abandoned some years ago.

The series of events is unclear at the moment, but local authorities believe that the house may have, at one time, been used as a drug manufacturing center. This early lead was uncovered by Sheriff Jordan Stevens, who had this to say: "I mean, it just makes sense that if you have a whole mess of Christian kids screaming about seeing devils and (deleted), they've gotta be hopped up on some kinda drug, right?"

While CDC officials were spotted in the area late yesterday afternoon, they have since disappeared. Riding in with them, however, were the Texas Rangers, who have claimed jurisdiction over the case.

The 36 members of the church youth group have all been admitted to the mental ward in the Texoma Medical Center, where they are being tested for various toxicants and mental illnesses that may have arisen recently. The leader of the organization was coherent enough for a brief conversation, but had only this to say: "He watches from the webs! Oh god, do not forsake us! He comes quickly!"

More on this peculiar situation as it develops.